Paola Rojas wins with tight tailored pants that highlight her figure

paola rosa She’s one of those drivers who conquers the small screen and social networks with her looks, and apart from her teaching style, she confirms that you can be formal and modernas he revealed to her tight tailored pants with whom highlighted if figure,

The journalist is also considered one of the favorites on television, and it is thanks to her way of dressing that she has become a fashion icon for many mature women, as it shows that at the age of 45 she is in the news. One of the hottest fashionistas in ,

Paola Rojas shines in tight pants

a member of “Divine Trap”shared on his social network the outfit he wore to the newscast he hosts from Monday to Friday, in which he combined a style set. Tailor of pants And the vest that she paired with a white blouse, a look with which she stole the eyes of networks like Instagram and Twitter.

Paola radiates beauty and style in a formal look. Photo: IG @paolarojas

“#AlAireConPaola” thank you for joining me this week was the text with which the presenter published the image in which she stood out from the stage of her newscast not only for her formal style, but also for being a perfect look was. Highlight her figure.

paola Won her millions of followers on social networks with her elegance and beauty, showing off a sophisticated look tight pants In a brown tone, to match a vest, a perfect outfit for copying and wearing to the office or meeting with coworkers.

The journalist was thus crowned one of the fashionistas of television and network, and also showed the right way to wear an outfit. fit To welcome autumn, when the temperatures start to drop and formal suit They become one of her favorite clothes, as shown with the other outfits she combines. tailored pants,

The journalist associates formal dress with modernity. Photo: IG @paolarojas

The presenter, who began her career in media at Vox FM radio station, explains why she’s one of the favorites on the network and shows that she’s not afraid to try all kinds of styles, as is her brownie. The outfit is confirmed by wearing a white ruffled blouse.

In addition to his great fame on television, paola rosa She has managed to become one of the most followed journalists, as she has 1.9 million fans on Instagram alone, with whom she shares her best looks and some details of her personal life, such as her worldwide Travel

The host conquers television. Photo: IG @paolarojas

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