Paris Hilton Shows Off the Best Sailor Moon Dress for Day of the Dead

Paris Hilton lights up social networks and this time she’s dressed up for the best of these Day of the Dead parties, so be inspired by her Sailor Moon look to be the center of attention at all your meetings. You will be surprised how beautiful you will look with this idea!

Just when we thought ladybugs, superheroes, and villain costumes would win the season, Businessman reminds us that there are characters that will never go out of style.

Paris Hilton becomes Sailor Moon

Via his Instagram account, the famous shared a picture in which he flaunts a costume inspired by this manga character. On this occasion, he opted for rhinestone-covered clothing, in addition to the transparency that gave life to the famous magical girl.

Paris Hilton became Sailor Moon. Photo: IG

For her beauty look, she wore a pair of high ponytails with her distinctive headband. For makeup, she chose a marked eyeliner that highlighted her eyes, along with a copious amount of bronzer that outlined her face and a nude gloss lipstick. we love!

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