Pati Chapoy: Who is your husband and what is his fate?

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One of the most controversial presenters in TV history husband chapoy, Despite the fact that he knows the lives of hundreds of famous personalities, Little is known about her family, her husband, her children. what else fortune he has earned during his career on TV.

Who are the husband and children of Pati Chapoy?

Thus, for more than four decades, Where is Chapoy? She is a reference to some of the hottest and hottest rumors in the entertainment world, but few people know who her husband is, if she has kids or what her income is.

Presently, the driver is 73 years old, in good health and has a beautiful family, which is survived by his two children R.K.odrigo who is the former singer of the band motel You Paul Davila, Who are also a part of the entertainment world.

On the other hand, the husband of Husband Chapoy is businessman Alvaro DavilasWho was a singer in his youth and is now out of limelight.

lvaro Dávila is a prominent sports entrepreneur. , Photo: Special

Who is Pati Chapoy’s husband lvaro Davila?

few people know that lvaro Davila, who came to participate in the OTI festival, who was in charge of finding new talents and husbands of Too He devoted himself to bohemian singing at that time.

Also, Davila the . became president of Emperor Morelia, The team that existed a few years back due to mismanagement.

lvaro Dávila is originally from Paras, Coahuila. He is a prominent businessman who has devoted himself to the world of sports and other professions.

In 2019 he completely moved away from football and is now a family man, as he decided to rest next to him for the rest of his life.

But not everything was happy in the marriage, journalists like Claudia Icaza confirmed that the husband once had an affair. Sergio Andrade, famous former manager of Gloria Trevi, But this claim was never confirmed.

Too, husband and alvaro They are usually together at events, they care a lot about their personal lives and can rarely be seen at a business lunch.

Even then, lvaro Dávila was part of the team that led Cruz Azulu. To win ninth in his performance, so he has vast experience in the sports world.

What is the fate of Pati Chapoy and lvaro Dávila?

On the other hand, the driver and her husband have amassed huge wealth together, as per reports, she has $4 million in his bank account.

But little is known about her husband, who would also have several million in your bank account Having Owned a Liga MX Team and Board blue Cross for many years.

a) yes, Pati Chapoy and Alvaro Davila They are one of the strongest couples in the world of entertainment and sports apart from having a huge fortune.

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