Patricia Manterola paralyzed mesh with black leather bodysuit

Bertha Patricia Mantorola Carrion, better known as Patti Mantorola, stole the look and rocked the internet this weekend after she posted a video in which she is seen dancing To promote the music in which he participates and takes the opportunity to congratulate his fans and invite them to its premiere in two weeks. In the clip, the singer raised the temperature by dancing in a low-cut black bodysuit, which she teamed with fishnet stockings.

In this way, the former 50-year-old Garibaldi boasted a perfect silhouette and was crowned the Queen of Transparency. “November 3 premiere tickets now on sale!!!”, was the message that accompanied the clip, with Patty losing the beauty. hence The artist announced to his fans the next premiere of the staged “Grandius El Musical”where he participates with other celebrities such as Laura Flores and Aleda Nez.

With her daring black look in transparency, and a clear neckline, Paty Manterola confirmed herself as one of the most beautiful women on the show by showing off. Heart attack figure, her small waist and exercising belly that characterizes herTo which he again paralyzed Instagram and left his 1.3 million followers in love, who reacted to the post with messages of appreciation and affection.

Paty Manterola melts Instagram with her figure and revealing body

The publication became a success on the network and Paty Manterola fans fell in love with the clip she shared: “Impactooooo”; “Without fear of a beautiful woman”; “What a waste of beauty!!!”, “what a beautiful woman”; “Hello, what is the beauty of a woman” and “What happens, a true goddess!”There are only a few comments that his fans have published in the post.

Paty Manterola ruined the beauty and mesmerized her fans. Photo: Special

Manterola is one of those celebrities who integrate the staging of “Grandios El Musical”, and it was in this video that he took the opportunity to announce his next premiere on November 3, 2022. In the clip, Patti shows off her slim and curvy silhouette in a provocative black look with transparency,

The 50-year-old artist announced the next premiere of the staged “Grandius El Musical”. Photo: Special

It should be remembered that the singer is currently promoting the song “To Get Up From the Ground”, a collaboration with Ramix, an artist she greatly admires. at the age of 50 Manterola has nearly four decades of experience and from a very young age he demonstrated his affinity and passion for the artsSo she decided to study dance, singing and music.

Manterola showed off her perfect silhouette on the social network. Photo: Special

At the age of 12, he was part of the festival “Jugumos a cantor”, where he reached the final, which allowed him to record his first album; However, he gained popularity by becoming part of the musical group Garibaldi, which managed to achieve great success and with became known internationally, In 1994, Petty finally decided to go solo, she also worked as an actress starring in various soap operas, series, movies and plays.

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