Patricia Manterola: Reveals 3 Swimsuits With Which She’s 50. show your figure

Patricia Mantorola She conquers social networks with her beauty and curvy silhouette, as she looks perfect for showing off a day at the beach or at the pool, because they are hers. reveal bikini ideal set for Show your figure at 50 Defying the fashion rules imposed by some designers that a woman after 40 should not wear a two-piece swimsuit.

The singer, who is currently promoting her recent single, “To Get Up from the Floor” in collaboration with Remix, is very active on her official accounts on digital platforms, such as Facebook and Instagramwhere she shows off her best outfits, especially those she shows on her shows, and what she wears on the beach, with which she teaches style and herself as one of the most beautiful women on the show confirm.

Paty Manterola boasts a stunning body in a bikini

The actress, also the star of telenovelas such as “Acapulco, Cuerpo y Alma”, knows how to wear different styles. bikiniAs in her photos it is seen with the most revealing and modern designs with which she applies the style and affirms herself as one of the famous people who are in their 50s and without any doubt claim the twentieth figure of Mantorola Maintains the silhouette with which he became known as a member of “Garibaldi”.

Patty flaunts the best look from the beach or pool. Photo: FB @patriciamanterola

“You are perfect”, “Beautiful”, “What a wonderful body!! Patty, tell us the recipe, right? You are incredibly beautiful. Congratulations!”, “Excellent! As in the song by @sinbandera SIRENA Is!”, “How beautiful! ! ,” “Adorable Sexy Miss”, “Divine Brilliant Light!!!”, “Woooo What a Jealous Body. She’s Love and Taking Care of Herself” and “Patti That Waist !!! how we envy you. Bikini,

And that’s when it comes to the perfect look for a day at the beach or pool, PastaAs her fans and friends affectionately call her, she sets the tone with her different looks, which range from classic black or white to floral prints or high pantyhose with ruffles for those ladies Perfect for those who want to show less skin. , however, is also different with smaller designs and The disclosure with which she shows her figure,

The singer boasts of a great body at the age of 50. Photo: FB @patriciamanterola

The beautiful artist, who has also been a soap opera heroine, showed interest in the entertainment world since she was very young, for which she studied dance, singing and music. As a teenager, when he was only 12 years old, he was part of the “Jugumos cantor” festival, where he reached the final, which allowed him to record his first album. Years later, she began her career as a model, which led her to do other projects in the industry.

Bedsa Patricia Mantorola The singer’s full name Carrion gained popularity as a member of the musical group Garibaldi, with which she became internationally known and in which she shared a microphone with other beautiful women such as Pilar Montenegro. However, in 1994 she decided to launch herself as a solo artist, and also as an actress, starring in soap operas, films, series, and plays.

Patricia creates style with her bikini outfit. Photo: FB @patriciamanterola

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Paty Manterola shows off her perfect silhouette at age 50 in a fitted sequin dress

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