Paty Manterola Explains Why She Didn’t Continue In Garibaldi

At the age of 50, actress and singer Mantarola Pasta Be clear about your priorities in life; Now, it’s his family that determines which projects he does and which he doesn’t (as happened with) Garibaldi, She also turned vegetarian at 10 and doesn’t drink a drop of alcohol, so she remains fabulous.

Next we tell you what Paty Manterola told in an exclusive interview?

Well, whatever projects come to my hand, we all always analyze them as a family, we always look at them and say: how long will mom have to be out, and I already look and say Yes, we can’t do that.

Patty Mantorola said.

that’s why Mantarola Pasta could not continue with Garibaldiwho was reunited for 90’s Pop TourWell, besides that, the group started planning new things, which it could not comply with.

Paty Manterola Rejects Sergio Meyer and Charlie

Thus, she denies her former teammates Sergio Meyer and Charlie, who assure that she has decided not to continue.

,I made a commitment to them and told them 90’s pop tour yes I can do it because they’re already very specific dates, it’s a quality show, done, I’m committed to it, but, okay is, they started doing other things because they wanted to, they decided it wouldn’t be there anymore in the 90s, because it’s a group that I understand, it’s new, different, they’re not original at all Huh “.

Patty Mantorola said.

Mantarola Pasta Ray is back in music with the song “To Get Up From the Ground” by Mix.

,I heard that Yuri was going to release an album and, I said, “I’m going to make him a song”, and I wrote him “To lift him off the ground”, a song based on that: He told us Like being lost in many aspects of life, life, faith, God lifted him off the ground and carried him to his heaven, somehow. ,


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