Paul Heyman recalls tense atmosphere in Chicago following CM Punk’s departure from WWE

CM Punk has undoubtedly been one of the characters of the year in the professional wrestling business. The fighter managed to win the AEW World Championship twice, losing both by no fault of his own. Story,

However, after the controversial change in backstage of aew all out, Rumors began to point to the possible departure of the company’s fighter, which led to Paul Heyman to recall his famous departure from WWE eight years ago, noting that because of it, Faced angry public in Chicago,

the current counselor of Roman Reigns in a recent interview with inside the ropeswhere he confessed that there was fear inside backstage The company’s first show in Chicago opened just prior to their local fighter’s departure.

Heyman said, “We had a situation in Chicago after Punk left.” “We were in road to wrestlemania, And the Chicago crowd was going to hijack the show, and they were going to chant ‘CM Punk’ for three hours. Everyone had to accept that the public was going to take over the show and there was nothing we could do about it.,

And as always it’s easy to blame the Jewish kid from New York, (Vince McMahon) looked at me and said ‘Do you see the trouble your friend is causing?’ So I went to this passionate and angry Chicago audience, incensed that their hero was no longer with the company, and I turned their attention to myself.

CM Punk left WWE in 2014, just one day after the Royal Rumble. The fighter was upset with the treatment meted out to him by the company, which led him to take such a controversial decision. When this news reached the fans, they mostly took Punk’s side and chanted his name for months at company shows.

Meanwhile, and thanks to its most recent controversy, we got to see something similar this week when the final episode of AEW Dynamite took place in Chicago. During the show, chants could be heard in favor of their local hero, but also. reactions that became more noticeable during a match that pitted the Death Triangle against The Elite, where the latter dropped several hints about what happened at All Out.

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