Paypal will stop refunding return shipping costs

For twelve years, PayPal has refunded return costs to its customers, but recently, the company announced that it would stop offering refund service and return acceptance of shipping costs. From 27 November 2022,

PayPal states that “the return cost reimbursement service may provide free shipping labels or reimburse the cost of items returned for PayPal purchases that are returned and eligible.”

This functionality allows users request a reimbursement of up to twelve shipments per year and an amount of 25 euros for eachOnly if it is paid exclusively through PayPal.

The reason for the withdrawal of this service is unknown, but Ecommerce News indicates that “digital experts They do not rule out the possibility that customers have used the free service very often. and that the company has decided that it does not wish to bear the cost”.

The ceremony has saved up to 300 euros per person per yearAlso, the company notes on the Cashy blog that they are “continuously updating and developing new offerings for customers. Sometimes some services need to be discontinued as part of these major changes.”

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