PcComponentes launches a range of inexpensive TVs with panels ranging from 32 to 55 inches

PcComponentes announces its launch The first line of television called Nilita, The brand integrates seven models with first class features, offers a great viewing experience and is available for purchase. online,

With regards to features, television dimensions range from 32 to 55 inches, they incorporate LED screens with Direct LED backlighting technology, Offer 4K Ultra HD resolution And to access the applications of Android TV is the operating system streaming,

said devices are within economic reach of all users Thanks to the various price traits:

  • Nilat Prisma 32HA5001N: 32 inches and HD ready for 157.99 euros.
  • Nilite Prisma 32HA5001S: 32 inch, HD ready and Android TV for 179.99 euros.
  • Nilat Prisma 40FA5001N: 40 inches and Full HD for 219.99 euros.
  • Nilite Prisma 40FA5001S: 40 inch, Full HD and Android TV for 239.99 euros.
  • Nilite Prisma 43UA5001S: 43 inch, 4K Ultra HD and Android TV for 289.99 euros.
  • Nilite Prisma 50UA5001S: 50 inches, 4K Ultra HD and Android TV for 348 euros.
  • Nilite Prisma 55UA5001S: 55 inch, 4K Ultra HD and Android TV for 379.99 euros.

PcComponentes seeks to expand the range of its own brands, therefore, the inclusion of Nilait adds to the various electronic products available with the company.

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