Pedro Duque, Spanish ‘ambassador’ of space, welcomes new Spanish astronauts to ESA

The European Space Agency (ESA) presented yesterday a new group of space explorers, including two Spaniards. Pablo Alvarezan aeronautical engineer from Lyon who could travel to the Moon or Mars in a few years and, Sarah Garcia, as reserveLyon’s postdoctoral researcher at the National Center for Oncological Research.

These two professionals will be the first Spaniards in 30 years to be part of the ESA astronaut staff. The last Spaniard to be nominated three decades ago was Pedro Duque, the former minister of science and innovation, who has ensured He is very honored to assign Alvarez and Garcia as astronauts.

“Congratulations to everyone in the new generation of astronauts,” the Duke said on his Twitter, referring to all the space explorers who have been part of ESA. However, he gave particular relevance to the Spanish delegates: “Many years of effort by Spain, its professionals, its executives, its companies have been recognised”.

Duke has been one of two astronauts that Spain dated. The former minister and astronaut was selected by the ESA in 1992 and has traveled to space twice:

apart from that Spanish-American Miguel López-Alegríafrom NASA, who recently made his fifth flight on the Crew Dragon spacecraft at the age of 64.

Spanish Sara Garcia-Alonso, appointed reserve astronaut by ESA.

Greetings from the President of the Government of Spain

Álvarez and García have also received praise from Pedro Sánchez:

He also recalled his commitment to science and the aerospace sector. The Spanish government announced on May 27, 2021, its intention to make a spanish space agency And recently they started requirements and opened applications for autonomous communities that wanted to host the headquarters.

The Spanish space agency will promote aeronautical research and innovation in the country, just as NASA has done for years in the US.

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