Pedro Infante: these were the addictions and diseases that marked the life of the golden cinema heartthrob

It commemorates Friday, November 17 105th anniversary of the birth of Pedro Infantewho was the so-called highest man in life Golden Age of Mexican Cinema And to add to the tribute, this time we take a brief tour of his successful career in the entertainment industry, apart from that we also tell you What were the addictions and diseases that marked the life of the actor and singer also known as “The Statue of Guamuchil”.

pedro infante cruz He was born in Mazatlán, Sinaloa on November 18, 1917, and despite the fact that little is known about his early life, it is known that Since he was very young he stood out for his natural talent for singingFor which he found a way to earn a living in this skill and due to this he started working with different orchestras which made him famous locally.

Pedro Infante became the top male figure in show business. Photo: Exclusive

In the late 1930s, Pedro Infante traveled to Mexico City to try his luck, operated by María Luisa León, who was his companion And once in the Mexican capital, the fame of “El Immortal”, as he was also known, began to foam as the first started shining as a singer and soon after he made the jump to cinema Where, although he started off as an extra, in no time he managed to gain relevance on the big screen, until he became a legend.

What addictions and diseases marked Pedro Infante’s life?

She was seen frequently in most of Pedro Infante’s films. drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettesHowever, the truth is that the handsome leading man in films such as “Two Kinds of Care”, “We the Poor” or “La Oveja Negra” was a drinker and the only addiction i had was exerciseHe was also the first actor to try to project an impeccable image, at least for his fans in Mexico.

Pedro Infante possessed an impressive physique. Photo: Exclusive

According to the testimony of different people in the surrounding congregation pedro infanteThe actor’s day began at 5:00 a.m. as he ran in the Chapultepec Forest and once he was finished he swam for a few minutes in the lake located in the same area, upon returning home, “El Inmortal”. Drink a Nutritious Drink A Power Snack for a Weight Training Routine in the gym that he set up in his houseWhere she had everything she needed to stay in shape.

It is important to mention that beyond aesthetic purposes, Pedro Infante developed his addiction to exercise for health as it is known that he was diagnosed with diabetesSo through physical activity, he maintained his glucose at a good level, while at the same time he prevented the disease from taking a toll on his body prematurely.

Pedro Infante’s love for sports helped him a lot for the different characters he played in the movies. Photo: Exclusive

It is worth mentioning that Pedro Infante’s exercise addiction also helped him in his favor as an actor Well, being in good shape made it easier for him to do scenes on horseback, on a motorcycle, swimming and even boxing, so he “El Ídolo de Guamúchil” was drawn to any physical activity that was put before him.

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