Pedro Sola mocks William Valdés after leaving Venga La Alegria

yesterday was The Last Event of William Valdés at Venga La AlegriaAfter the host himself stated that his departure was due to new content management decisions at TV Azteca. The farewell was very emotional and all his companions showed their love to him. And he said he was grateful for William Valdés’s affection and enthusiasm over these two years.

After so many changes to Ajusco’s television station, William Valdes’s last day at the Forum was And at the end of the “Speechless” segment, the production and his driving companions surprise Cuba by broadcasting a video in which they appear. Best moments from his side as a cast member,

After the video William Valdés was very impressed and said that this was only the end of his participation in Venga la Alegria., but he will continue with new projects on television. “I will continue on TV Azteca, I only leave Venga La Alegria. I say goodbye to Venga La Alegria, I love you so much, I was so happy,” said the host.

after the special Crystal Silva, Flor Rubio and Horacio Villalobos He dedicated a few words to thank him for his professionalism, his enthusiasm and the good times he had spent with him.

Pedro Sola mocks William Valdes on Twitter

Following his departure from Venga La Alegria, where William Valdés stated that his future could continue on TV Azteca, Pedro Sola put more lemon on the wound and made a very ironic remark about Cuba,

On Twitter, @ChismosoteTV asked followers if they thought Valdés would continue at Azteca. One of the respondents was Pedro Sola, who took the opportunity to make his point.

“Not at all, what are you going to do?”

Pedro Sola assures William Valdés will not continue on TV Aztec
Photo: Do ​​Pedro Sola

“It is the decision of the new administration, which has great ideas for the program. I am always very grateful to TV Azteca. In fact, tomorrow I will say goodbye to ‘Venga la Alegria,’ the Cuban host explained on Thursday.

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