Penelope Menchaca is seen in a mini dress that highlights her figure at the age of 54

penelope menchacaformer driver of happy comeShe became a sensation on the social network by sharing a picture in which she flaunted her seductive figure while modeling a bubbly yellow dress that fit her perfectly and her loyal followers raved about it instagram,

After his sudden departure from morning TV AztecThe former host of “Falling in Love” and “12 Hearts” remains close to her millions of fans with each publication she makes on her various social networks as she always makes it clear that fashion and good dress are part of her. Daily.

Photo: Instagram/@menchaca.official

Penelope Menchaca shines in a dress

at the age of 54, penelope menchaca He has established himself as one of the great figures of entertainment for the outstanding work he has done in various television projects in Mexico and the United States. Their most recent collaboration was as a headline in the morning happy comeA place that he suddenly left.

A few moments ago, before his over one million followers on Instagram, penelope menchaca He shared a picture which went viral minutes later as he made it clear that he is a great man, possibly one of the most envied in the entertainment industry.

Leaning on a couch, the former driver happy come She showed that age is just a number as she showed off her toned legs by creating a yellow outfit which we are sure will set a fashion trend in the current fall season.

As expected, Penelope Menchaca’s recent publication on Instagram went unnoticed, receiving over three thousand likes and endless comments so far, most of them agreeing that she’s quite a fan of that type of clothing. Looked good that fit you. ,


Penelope Menchaca, why did you leave VLA?

As we mentioned earlier, penelope menchaca She was one of the main drivers of happy comeBut suddenly ceased to appear in the cast, which led to endless rumors about the real reasons for his departure.

To put an end to all kinds of rumours television host He said that the real reason for his departure was to be closer to his daughter, who currently lives in Italy. For this reason, the 54-year-old presenter is currently living in Turkey, a country in which she continues to work on television.

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