Personal Speakers for Most Gamers

Many gamers can’t live without their headphones, but Panasonic wanted to change the concept of personal audio for the enjoyment of digital entertainment with the Sound Slayer GN01, Some one-person speaker that rests on the player’s shoulders. Thanks to their four speakers, they deliver a wonderfully immersive experience.

their design reminiscent of travel pillows And the truth is it’s a tool really comfortable to wear for hours. leaving the ear blank, Allows you to interact with the environment without problemsAlthough it is also more annoying for third parties, who will not enjoy the sound of the game in all its glory, but will hear noises, albeit more attenuated.

The Sound Slayer GN01 has physical buttons to control it and change audio modes.

Its sound quality is excellent and truly immersiveAlthough its power is not very high and With PS5 we’ve had to put them at full volumeTo be able to enjoy all the details of the sound of the game.

JBL Tune Flex are the cheapest and most urban

It has three game modes (RPG, FPS and voice, for titles that have strong dialogue), one for Song and for one movies,

The Sound Slayer GN01 is a curious 'gadget' between headphones and speakers
The Sound Slayer GN01 is a curious ‘gadget’ between headphones and speakers

It is a pity that Panasonic has not opted for Bluetooth technology and that To work the GN01 has to be connected via USB to receive power and—with the console—with a mini jack cable (3.5mm). to receive sound.

It costs about the same as mid- to high-end headphones: 180 euros.

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