Pfizer Pays 120 Million For An App That Detects Covid By Listening To Your Cough

Pfizer has purchased an application from Australian company ResApp for 120 million euros that Detect coronavirus by listening to cough, For ten years, the unit worked on developing an algorithm that could detect respiratory diseases by studying a patient’s cough.

ResApp is based on the premise that the sound of cough and breath gives important information about the condition of the airways, therefore, uses lung sounds Through a stethoscope when coughing.

At the beginning of the year, data from pilot tests he showed that Application a. can detect coronavirus with 92% accuracy in positive cases.

The platform can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS, however.Only people receiving the code can access it To test for covid from your doctor.

When the code is entered, the app asks for the date of birth and medical history, and then, The mobile has to be kept 50 cm away from the face and cough five times.,

After that, the history of diseases will be added and you have to click on the ‘Accept’ button, in this way, the test is complete and Application send results to doctor To diagnose positive in COVID-19.

The message is identified by the logo of the Ministry of Health.

The ResApp team expects the application’s acquisition from Pfizer to be implemented anywhere in the world, so there will be more diagnostic methods,

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