Phantom power: how much power the devices consume when connected to electricity

According to, Spain had an average per capita electricity consumption of 5,407 kWh in 2021. Many families have demanded for the increased price of electricity bill. save tricks And don’t consume as much as other years.

From 20BITS we have talked about some tips to not spend so much electricity and today we are going to talk about phantom consumption. This type of consumption is what makes the equipment when they are turned off but still connected to powerRemanent to support,

Although they consume less power when devices are not on, keeping them plugged in does incur some cost that families can save. The Energy Diversification and Savings Institute calculates that, overall, the additional consumption per household is between 7% and 11%Assuming about 50-60 euros per year in electricity.

In fact, the European Union estimated in 2005 that the phantom consumption of all member states of the unit was the same annual consumption as Portugal. Specifically, it was about 50 TWh, which was costing 7,000 million euros (Now the bill will be bigger).

How much do devices you leave connected consume?

Depending on the device model, phantom power may vary. Through a calculator that measures the watts consumed in your home, it becomes easy for a family to estimate how many euros they can save.

Users can control their systems with a remote, an app, or even voice commands.

The organization of consumers and users allows you to calculate the consumption of equipment on its website to support In which they take into account the brand and model. However, for those who do not wish to register for this service, we leave below a list of annual consumption in to support Estimated Electronic products that are commonly used in a home:

  • TV: 1,61 kWh (0,48 €).
  • Digital Decoder: 4,04 kWh (1,21 €).
  • to console: 14,89 kWh (4,47 €).
  • wireless phone: 13,14 kWh (3,94 €).
  • music series: 35,04 kWh (10,51 €).
  • sound bar: 21.9 kWh (6,57 €).
  • alexa/google speaker: 26,28 kWh (7,88 €).
  • computer: 16,06 kWh (4,82 €).
  • portable: 8,03 kWh (2,41 €).
  • surveillance: 3,85 kWh (1,16 €).
  • router: 35,04 kWh (10,51 €).
  • printing machine: 52,56 kWh (15,77 €).
  • pc speaker: 26,28 kWh (7,88 €).
  • Microwave: 21.9 kWh (6,57 €).
  • enough equipment: 17,52 kWh (5,26 €).
  • Air Conditioning: 14,89 kWh (4,47 €).
  • gas thermos: 7,45 kWh (2,23 €).
  • caldera gas: 27,16 kWh (8,15 €).
  • robot vacuum cleaner: 22,78 kWh (6,83 €).

Seen this way, personally it doesn’t seem like much. But if we connect every single device, the total cost of plugging them in is 111.12 Euro per year,

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Why does phantom consumption happen?

The reason why appliances continue to consume power even when turned off is because they are designed to do so. There is a transformer inside the equipment which adjusts the voltage through coils. Even if a device is turned off, One of these coils is always active.

Tips to reduce phantom power

  • Before purchasing the device, check on your label What is its consumption comfortably and compare it with other devices to choose the one with less consumption.
  • you can do it unplug some devices When you go on a trip or when you are not going to use them for a while.
  • America power strip With stdby eliminator.
  • America domestic consumption meterOr to check when powered off device is consuming.
  • establish Outlet with timer.

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