Photo | Galilea Montijo shows what is the sexiest and ideal swimsuit for everyone

galilee montejo He is one of the favorite hosts on television and throughout his career he has shown one of his great passions off camera: Moda, A huge industry that makes it clear that “rules” can be broken by looking full of glamour, elegance, style and extravagance that allows her to show off her impressive figure.

Driver, 49 Yearshas become the benchmark of style with organizations Which inspires more than 10 million followers on her Instagram and she supports everyone with the right details, regardless of the season. Her favorite designs include animal printA trend that has faced ups and downs since its inception in the history of the industry.

Galilea Montijo in an animal print swimsuit. Photo: IG @galileamontijo

Although in the past it was considered “in bad taste”, today it is synonymous with elegance and glamour; Furthermore, its versatility allows those who incorporate it into their wardrobe to use it in both casual and formal wear. informal and add a touch of sensuality For outfits, as the hosts of the program “Hoy” do with different colors.

of the most recent people who have bathed her Flattery In social networks, stands out with the attractive design of the pink swimsuit Leopard. It is a fun garment because of its vibrant colors, but without neglecting the touch of elegance that characterizes it so much and its high cut at the bottom underlines its silhouette perfectly.

Without fear of experimentation he managed to mix successfully maxi luggage With others more delicate, always emphasizing the colors that are part of her look. chosen for one Masada to protect your hair from the sun’s rays, as well as for some blue glasses With little details on top.

Galilea Montijo’s outfits

researchers of “Who’s the mask?” She is known for her daring style and her Instagram account has become a source of inspiration as she keeps in touch with her fans through this platform, who never misses an opportunity to highlight her beauty and empathy.

one of the driver’s favorite clothes Clothes, since it is possible to use them in any season and during autumn it is not an exception. This fact has also been disclosed by the bragging actress herself. sculpted figure Pair this outfit with accessories that provide comfort in the low temperatures, such as black tights with delicate designs.

Galilea Montijo Animal Print Style Dress. Photo: IG @galileamontijo

She enjoys great fame today, but Galilea Montijo found her passion in show business from an early age and focused her efforts on Ballet dancer, Although determined to make it on television, she subsequently began projects that would allow her to show her Talent And thus today he is among the main presenters of “Hoy”. andrea legareta

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