Photo | Is Eduin Kaz serious? The singer of “Grupo Firme” was attached to an oxygen tank

,solid groupOne of the musical bands of this time, in addition to selling out several dates at Foro Sol and making new concerts at the same venue, was a completely successful free performance at the Zócalo in Mexico City, where thousands performed the group’s most iconic songs. Residents of the capital gathered to listen, one of whose members may be going through hard times.

Well, it turns out that last night, eduine case, Lead singer of “Grupo Firme”shared a photo that alerted his fans and created controversy in the world of entertainment, as after uploading a series of installs in which he clearly looks great, he suddenly shared a photo In which he is seen connected to an oxygen tank.

Obviously, this made her fans question what was the reason that the acclaimed singer was subjected to this treatment and they did not hesitate to start filling her with doubts, for which, Interpreter of “or suprem” He took to his Instagram account where he explained the reason why he had to be hooked up to an oxygen tank.

Eduin Caz is connected to an oxygen tank

According to the singer, it was all due to the change in weather in Texas, the place where he is currently and where the cold had closed his chest, but with the aim of not feeling bad at his upcoming concerts, he decided to leave. Decided this treatment.

“Don’t worry, crowd. You know when it’s cold my chest is off, but this is a shot. This weekend’s events are confirmed,” he wrote eduine case on his Instagram stories.

With which he made it clear that he will not cancel any of his presentations this weekend, in which he is expected to be “firm group” Rock the stages and mesmerize millions of fans who, as always, eagerly wait to give their all to their ideals, creating a great concert.

After this and to make it clear that everything was fine, eduine case He decided to share another photo, in which he used his classic sense of humor to reveal that even though he was tired, the show had to go on and he was ready to continue with his biggest passion: music. Were.

The singer’s humor and health condition is also intact

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