Photo: Maya Nazor raised the temperature with a white bikini

Maya Nazori One of the internet celebrities who constantly floods her social networks with an array of glamor and sexiness-filled outfits that have crowned her as one of the style queens of Instagram, a platform on which she Very active and who recently shared a photo which created a ruckus among his followers.

The hot image was published this weekend and we can see that beautiful santa fe klan girlfriend knows how to show off her curves in a delicate and elegant way, because despite wearing a daring bikiniThat doesn’t make it into the usual trends, such as cool colors and sparkles.

Well, instead, Maya Nazori She preferred to choose a color that, although many women avoid their beach outfits, is actually one of the most flattering, as it is not placed on the waist of the influencer, it visually accentuates her shape. Doesn’t accentuate, a problem that occurs with her bust and buttocks, which gain volume thanks to the virtues of white, the same color that characterized her last bikini.

In fact, as can be seen in the image, despite the fact that Maya Nazor in Bikini With no exquisite details such as openings or dazzling decorations, its design becomes a classic that can be used on your next trip to the beach, with which, without a doubt, you will become the queen of the sea.

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However, something that should be noted about the design Maya Nazor in Bikini They are ribbons with which the upper part plays, helping to create a covering effect on the waist of the influencer, who also took the opportunity to show off a sexy tattoo on one of her legs.

As a sole decoration, santa fe klan bridal swimsuit She wears small brown circles on top, which help draw attention to her chest, making her the star of the pool in which she no doubt lets her sexiest side emerge.

However, controversy Mexican rapper girlfriend She decided to put an emoji in the form of an angel as a description of her sexy picture, with which she wanted to denote the innocence that the color of her swimsuit projects, because let’s remember that according to color theory White symbolizes purity and innocence.

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