photo | On a car, Gaby Ramirez conquered the network with a low-cut blouse and red stockings

It’s not a lie when we say that Gabi Ramirez has become one of the best Mexican drivers The most popular and talented today. His fans and followers follow him not only on his social networks but also on come on sunday one of the most important projects of tv aztec

At just 32 years old, the lady from Nuevo León has won millions of hearts through digital platforms. It was precisely on this social network where Gaby Ramirez’s over one million followers on Instagram realized that in addition to her passion for television, she is also a great fashion reference as she always looks good with trend-setting clothes. in different seasons of the year.

In her most recent post, “Gabby” managed to attract thousands of her followers who didn’t hesitate to flood her with compliments and lots of compliments while highlighting her beauty. In the pictures you can see with the royal lady some fuchsia sneakers, Red stockings, a high tight skirt that made her clear hips stand out, and a low cut white blouse.

The space he used was the parking lot of a shopping plaza, where Gabby is visible Modeling his fuchsia jacket over the hood of a luxury car.

After being confirmed as the host of Vaenga La Alegria Fin de Semana, internet users began to learn a little more about Gabi Ramirez, very surprised to learn that she has a remarkable taste for fashion. To show this is the picture he posed with denim miniskirt Which she complemented with a colorful blouse with a clear neckline.

Apart from her aspect as a television host, Gabi Ramirez also gained many followers thanks to her participation in the reality show I Wanna Sing! And I want to dance! In her different involvements, she wore the best look, which consolidated her as one of the contestants’ favorites. One of the most admired outfits is the one in which she wore risky transparencies that highlighted her curves.

Away from the small screen, Gaby Ramirez keeps close to her millions of followers on Instagram, sharing photos from her fabulous vacations in which she continues to showcase her passion for fashion. One of the images that adds the most interaction is the one in which it is on the edge of the pool. Modeling an animal print bikini that highlighted her curves and her toned tummy.

After standing out in multimedia, Gabi Ramirez took a significant leap in her career to join the ranks of TV Azteca. A few days later, he was confirmed as the host of La Pareja Ideal, a reality show that went on air for only a few weeks as it did not reach the expected audience level.

A year earlier, the famous woman born in Nuevo León was announced as the presenter of Venga la Alegria Fin de Semana, solidifying herself as one of the favorites and thus the audience told her, who surrenders to the great beauty that she overthrows.

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