Photo: Sandra Echeverría Mexican GP. I wears a gorgeous black dress

Sandra Echeveria is one of the Mexican actresses who always leaves a good taste in the mouth of the audience for her best work in front of the cameras. However, like at any other time in people’s lives, a litmus test came before them that they had to execute perfectly: Go to Formula 1 at the Mexican Grand Prix.

Via the social network, the celebrity shared with his followers a photo of the iconic Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, where he saw the Mexican pilot’s third position. Sergio Czech Perez. Sandra decides to break the silence and confesses that she doesn’t know much about the area.

“My first time in Formula 1!!!! I don’t understand anything but I still feel like I’m at Disneyland,” he described on his postcard

The image shows that the actress chose A great outfit to stand out at the great motoring event in Mexico. She used long boots and a black dress, which makes her figure stand out.

The publication exceeded 5 thousand likes in less than 24 hours and the actress was praised, Who has recently given life to Maria Felix.

“Beautiful as always, you are a goddess”, “Incredible, you shine so much wherever you go” or “Ultra Beauty”, were some of the comments of followers.

sandra and felix

Told myself, interpreting “La Donna” has been the biggest challenge for him as an actor, as it is well known that the actress was a complete, complex and very intelligent character and not everyone will fill in the matter. His shoes act like a bioseries.

People were able to start watching “Maria Felix: La Donna” via the Wix+ streaming platform starting last Thursday, July 21, of this year. Production can be seen in various Latin American countries, so there could not have been any errors. In this case, Sandra Echeveria’s satisfaction was guaranteed. who seek and worship “Maria Bonita”.

being a figure Recognized and loved by the public Sandra Echeveria She remains very active on her social networks and now that she has been involved in an important bioseries, it is natural that she does not let them go at all. In her latest Instagram post, she shared a picture of herself as Maria Felix, who might be on the beaches of Acapulco.

Marathon Sunday of “#MariaFelixlaDoña by @vixplus” was the only thing written by the wife of singer Leonardo De Lozan, leader of the rock band Phobias and singer. It is probably inspired by the cold weather which makes you feel like being at home and enjoying coffee with bread while enjoying your performance.

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