Photo: This famous actress of Cine d’Oro was going to become Miss Universe, but got lost in alcoholism

Various personalities from the entertainment industry were suddenly born as stars and grew rapidly in success and fame, especially in periods of artistic growth such as golden cinema, A period of cinematic boom in the country which provided the ideal platform for dozens of stars to be born. However, some of these excellent visual exponents who have lost everything due to addictions or tragic events.

This is the case of an actress who shone on the big screen with major stars like Pedro Infante, Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”, German Valdes “Tin Tan” and Eulalio González “Piporro”, among many others, however, his destiny completely changed when tragedy tainted his name and he was banned from the artistic world, we are talking about model Ana Bertha Lepe. are.

Actress originally from Tekolotlan, from JaliscoHer career was full of successes, as she appeared in individual films and pairings with important actors of the time, this thanks to her wide-ranging ability to convey stories, but also because of her striking beauty and friendliness, which Walked them on the great catwalk. and competition beauty,

First Mexican in Miss Universe

Artist’s full name is Ana Bertha Lepe Jimenez, which became known when he won the competition at the age of 19 Miss Mexico, Which gave her the opportunity to represent the country in a global beauty pageant. In 1953, the then model took part in the most important competition of this nature in the world, and it was almost Miss Universe, competition where he was supposed to take coronaSince she came fourth in the competition, becoming the first Mexican to finish in the top 10.

Anna Bertha Lepe Jiménez climbed after participating in Miss Universe. Photo: Special

Anna Bertha lost to Christian Martel-Magnani, who later became known only as Christian Martel, A French actress who worked with “Cantinflas” in the Ciné de Oro and who later gave up her career to marry a politician. like Miss Universe 1953Lepe also attracted the attention of producers, for which he pursued a career in show business.

The sad moment in his life that got him drunk

Famous lived her dream, she was a famous actress and apparently she had found the love of her life, it was the actor’s son Agustin de Anda raul de eggcalled “El Charro Negro”, who attended his show with the model on the night of May 29, 1960 at the “La Fuente” cabaret located in Rebel Sur in Mexico City, without thinking it was in the enclosure Guillermo Lepe, The actress’ father with whom the actor started talking, however, turned into a very heated discussion, which forced her out of the room where Mr. Beautiful! He pulled out the gun and shot the young man, killing him instantly.

from the moment when anna bertha She saw that the man who gave her life took her away from the man she was going to marry, the traumatic event never allowed her to be the same again and eventually she stopped appearing in the limelight; From that moment on, Anna Bertha gave herself to alcohol and, at the age of 79, died in 2013 due to complications caused by hernia surgery.

Ana Bertha and Agustin de Anda had plans to get married. Photo: AMACC


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