Photo: This is the actress who entered “Chavo del 8” to suppress Chilindrina’s absence and no one remembers her

inside the tv mexicana One of the most successful series is undoubtedly “Chavo del 8”, a production that stood out worldwide for being one of the creations that generated the most sympathy with the public for the events of its characters. one of them is undoubtedly made by Snow Marie Antoinette, who played “Chilindrina”.

The celebrity who played an eight-year-old girl in fiction recently gave the social network something to talk about, it’s after the entertainment journalist alex kafi In her weekly column in El Heraldo de Mexico titled “Sin Lisonza” announced that the actress has been hired by a well-known entertainment platform to star in an action series in which she is going to hit an 80-year-old woman. Joe is the hitman and the drug dealer, which will give him a role that takes him out of his comfort zone: comedy.

The actress that no one remembers from “El Chavo del 8”

After revealing this news about the new Project In which “Chespirito” partner of the late Roberto Gomez Bolaos will work, now Marie Antoinette Controversy has erupted after he made controversial statements about people imitating him, as there are contests that seek out the best imitators. “Chilindrina”, Where all kinds of people have participated imitating the mythological character, to which the actress revealed that it bothers her that people emulate her, for example, with a darker complexion.

Malicha entered the series to cover the absence of “Chilindrina”. Photo: Special

Despite the fact that “Chilindrina” is one of the most iconic and episodic characters in the series, the truth is that there was one season in which she left production for family reasons and because she reportedly had an argument. Roberto Gomez Bolaos The hero and producer of the successful series.

During this absence the production integrated a new character and it was almost may Allah bless youA role played by María Luisa Alcala, who enters because of an offer made to her. Roberto Gomez Bolaos in 1974. His debut was in an episode where he gave life to a classmate of neighborhood kids and despite the fact that he was seen by many on the small screen, the truth is that there is a part of the audience that doesn’t remember him. The fact that it was a role coincided with the launch of development within the iconic series.


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“La Chilindrina” makes controversial statement about dark-haired people imitating her

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