photo | Vanessa Claudio stole everyone’s eyes with a bold black and white minidress

Vanessa Claudio She is one of the most beloved presenters on Mexican television who, in addition to being a charismatic woman, constantly shows off her style in her shows, making it clear that her passion for fashion is as fixed as she was a beauty. . Queen in her native Puerto Rico

the proof is different Organizations that post on social networks that host “El Extremo”Which always shows that the actress also knows how to adapt to different trends for each seasonThus coming to look full of transparency and organizations fashion printlike the so-calledUnattractive“, which has gained considerable strength so far this fall.

And the best part is that this type of pattern can be found in a variety of clothing items, so no matter what your style, you are sure to find a piece that will make you want to wear it. end of year trend in your wardrobe, however if you want to wear it in a very sensual way, we recommend that you follow the example Vanessa Claudiowho was crowned as the queen of patterns with a fitted minidress, also known as “houndstooth,

As can be seen in the attached image below, Vanessa Claudio is a style queen which, thanks to her charming and elegant way of dressing, manages to generate Dresses full of glamor and sexwho let their curves shine through in a very sophisticated way

With this look, Vanessa Claudio set the social network on fire

For example, we can see that Vanessa Claudio joins the houndstooth print trend With a delicate asymmetrical minidress that, in addition to accentuating her waist, helps her buttocks stand out in a subtle yet visible way, while also letting her legs be all-seeing.

And to lengthen your figure The beautiful host of ‘El Extremo’ Decided to wear sexy silver sandals, which because of their delicate details match the beautiful model’s legs with her legs, giving the feeling that they are tall, without paying attention to the legs thanks to the elaborate pedicure. Vanessa Claudio,

In fact, the handsome 39-year-old presenter knew how to give her a delicate touch of color. black and white look Wearing a daring red enamel on her toenails, a detail that brought sensuality and rebellion to her Classic and glamorous look,

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