PHOTOS: Adamari Lopez raises the temperature in a leather miniskirt and black navel

adamari lopez She is one of those celebrities who gives fashion lessons with her bubbly looks, as she revealed in a recent publication instagram with whom temperature rise while showing off leather mini skirt and show off her beauty and slim silhouette perfectly a black navelCrowned herself as the Queen of Style and confirmed she is in one of her best moments.

Native of Puerto Rico, best known in Mexico as a soap opera actress in projects such as “Amigas y Rivales”, “Sin Tei” and “Locura de Amor”, part of the cast of “Hoy Dia” for many years are. Years, Morning from Telemundo, in which she shows off her best outfits and which has established her as one of the most recognized and beloved hosts on the social network, where she has millions of fans.

Adamari Lopez wins in a miniskirt

lopez She has become very active mainly on social networks instagramA platform on which she constantly shares videos and pictures with which she impresses with her outfits, and this time it was through her stories that she shared a black outfit, with which she showed that age is just There’s a number and she’s not fighting them with style and coziness, as she pairs totally revealing and mini pieces.

, Admari won in her bubbly black look. Photo: IG @adamarilopez

performance He stole the eyes of his 8.2 million followers on the famous meta platform and reaffirmed his beauty, as at 51 he showed he was at his best, wearing a flirtatious outfit black leather mini skirtModern and youth clothing combined with blouses of the same tone in style NavelBecause the apparel allowed her to show off some of her skin and show off a flat stomach.

With her outfits to look amazing in the autumn-winter season, Driver returned to teach fashion classes for mature women who always want to look fashionable and provocative, but above all, she showed that she’s on the best footing. is one of. Her life, because undoubtedly she looks more beautiful and with a lot of confidence, as shown with her collaborations for various magazines in which she has been photographed with daring swimsuits.

The host leaves his fans breathless with his sessions. Photo: IG @adamarilopez

Let us tell you that in 2021, lopez She also became an example to thousands of women and men, as she lost over 15 kilos, something that gave her the confidence to try all kinds of clothes, as she is currently seen wearing more daring and sensual outfits like suits gives. swimwear and bikini, and short dresses or miniskirts, with which her curvy and slim silhouette stands out.

Admari López Torres was born in Puerto Rico, and began her career as a girl, as she made her first participation in a soap opera at the age of six. More than 40 years after that occasion, today the host and actress is establishing herself as one of the most beloved celebrities and a fashion icon, especially for mature women who are provocative with flirty clothing. want to continue to look like leather mini skirt,

She crowns herself as a style queen with her trendy outfits. Photo: IG @adamarilopez

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