PHOTOS: Barbara Del Regil impresses with a deep neckline and black dress

Barbara Del Regilo has charmed his fans for his great discipline in His performance in big series along with fitness life and novels, as well as her work as a content creator where she helps inspire viewers with quotes and exercise routines. However, what stands out for her is her stunning body, which she boasts of on social networks, as she did these days by showing off a striking black outfit.

,rosary scissorsShe has just finished recording her latest production “Cabo”, which spends her time without her family, so these days she took advantage of the time to spend more time with her husband. Fernando Schoenwald, He missed his partner so much that in these weeks he uploaded photos and videos with himHis last publication apart from dedicating a great message to him Show off her toned body in a black beach dress,

The businessman didn’t lose her glam on the beach and wore a daring outfit that framed her figure Photo: IG @barbaraderegil

With a “V” neckline and exposed hips, where you can see their incredible bellyIn addition to the bottom of the mini-skirt type marked his strong tan legstemperature raised not just her husbandBut he has more than eight million followers on his account instagram,

The famous wrote “I love you” to her husband in her publication Photo: IG @barbaraderegil

also in post Attached pictures with your spouse, a phrase and the food you enjoyed that day. With hundreds of likes and comments where They celebrated the couple’s loveHis followers wrote him phrases such as “What beautiful words I love bar”, you are an example of how to hit rock bottom and be reborn like a phoenix, always self-love”, “photos are too beautiful”, “not to be” among others. I am better than you” where he showed his admiration for the influencer.

This year the 35-year-old actress has done very well in terms of work, since then Not only does he have a major role in the novel “Cabo” But another production was also released mexzombiethat in one different style than we used to see itWith overtones of comedy and fiction.

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