Photos | Before you see what the daughter of Valentin Elizalde looks like, which breaks the network

valentin elisalde Unfortunately, he is best remembered as one of the greatest figures of the Mexican regional The singer’s career came to an abrupt end on November 24. In 2006, the famous “Gallo de Oro” died after performing 16 years earlier in Palenque in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

The singer had established himself as one of the representative figures of the Mexican territory before his life came to an abrupt end at the hands of a hitman, fortunately the singer’s legacy is validated by his daughters, who always remembers his father’s trajectory.

Valeria Elizalde She is the third daughter of the singer, the 21-year-old constantly amazes the social network with her beauty in her official Instagram, Valeria has more than 150 thousand followers And regularly shares posts remembering his father.

Valeria has more than 150,000 followers and regularly shares posts remembering her father
credit: IG @valeizaldee

Valeria Elizalde, the youngest daughter of “El Gallo de Oro”

Valeria She is the youngest of the singer’s three daughters. valentin elisaldeDespite her young age of 21, the young woman has faced difficult moments in her life since her mother Blanca Viani DuranDied at the hands of organized crime.

Despite the young age of 21, this young woman has faced difficult times in her life
credit: IG @valeizaldee

Since she lost her mother, Valeria Elizalde lives in the care of relatives of the Golden Rooster, despite the loss of her parents. Young woman has outdone herself by studying communication scienceWhich inspired him to create his YouTube channel.

Valeria has outdone herself by studying communication science
credit: IG @valeizaldee

Currently, Valeria Elizalde’s YouTube channel has over 130,000 subscribers who enjoy the diverse content that the young lady shares. Valeria often talks about her personal life, stories about her father, and even her cooking recipes.

Currently, Valeria Elizalde’s YouTube channel has over 130,000 subscribers
credit: IG @valeizaldee

The youngest daughter of Valentin Elizalde plans to venture into music, Valeria is currently preparing to start a career as a singer, The young woman’s involvement with music is not new, as in 2016 she sang the song “At My Father’s Grave” with her sisters in honor of her father.

Valentin Elizalde’s youngest daughter plans to venture into music
credit: IG @valeizaldee

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