Photos | Belinda shows off her tiny waist with miniskirt and open-back crop top

belinda He has left behind the controversy that arose after he ended his commitment Christian Nodal Last February, because he strongly restarted his social networks, he went away for some time to recover and dedicate himself to his career. Now she has shown a risky side with which she leaves behind the soft image as she shows off her figure revealing dress Most recent look in a miniskirt and crop top bare back.

Explanation of “light without gravity” He refused to give details about why he broke up with the Mexican regional star and focused on his professional projects in Spain, while the singer made controversial statements and was caught with beautiful women, until he made a Again decided not to open his heart. argentina rapper fuck With whom he appeared on the red carpet for the first time Latin Grammy 2022.

Belinda shows off her tiny waist in a miniskirt. Photo: IG @belindapop

While the voice of “Botella After Bottle” celebrates her victory at the Grammys and dedicates tender words to her beloved, Belinda shares a series of images with which she shows off her immense beauty and impressive figure. Within hours, the photos racked up more than half a million reactions and comments on Instagram, with which they showered the singer with compliments.

,¡Oh, Santa Belinda! ***’s eternal guardianship, was one of the comments on the pictures where she wears a beautiful and revealing set with diamonds including a waist miniskirtplus a crop top with fully open back And that allows him to show off his steely abs. she completed her look with something sunglasses It added glamor and sensuality.

Belinda sighs with a black dress. Photo: IG @belindapop

Belinda with tight eye

A few weeks ago, the interpreter of “Bella Treason” became a trend for its debut on social networks 2000 pop tourA concert featuring artists such as Patty Cantu, Motel, Kudai, Dulce Maria, Bacillos. of coursePee Wee, Fannie Lou and Nikki Clank delighted audiences who remembered their songs.

Although it was not his presentation Monterey, Nuevo León, which left hundreds of her fans breathless but her revealing outfit that didn’t even have a neckline. it was about a bodysuit in black that covered her completely, but the tightness of the garment helped to mark the impressive figure of Belinda and melt the public,

Despite her fame, the singer has stayed close to her followers and reveals a relaxed side to her career like few times before. Thanks to this, she has managed to add more and more fans who point to her honesty, sincerity and beauty with which she manages to win the hearts of her fans.

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