Photos | “Capy” Perez’s wife Sandra Itzel steals all eyes at the Radio Awards

“Capy” Perez was one of the drivers of the 2022 edition radio awardwas sharing the microphone with celebrities such as public figures pepe needed, Carolina Rosso“Don Chateau”, Alex Garza and Ingrid Coronado, who graced their appearance and presented the most important details of the night.

a member of “Come Happy” He didn’t go alone, he paraded hand-in-hand on the red carpet with his beautiful wife Sandra Itzel, who gazed at the beauty of the comedian’s couple and the fun outfits of “Capy” Perez, who didn’t miss group event Wearing jeans and a cowboy suit.

In social networks, his followers and famous friends did not hesitate to leave a message highlighting his beauty and heroism, Ricardo Peralta, a participant in the second edition of Master Chef Celebrity, wrote that he looked beautiful, and some were even who assured that sandra itzel She looked like a “Barbie” in that signature dress directed by Victor and Jesse, “Fashion Sly” by Jorge Figueroa.

They got married in 2018. IG/Hello Nurse

“Mr. Oilman showing his fiancé his new well. We feel so beautiful to every detail with our @victoryjesse design and my dear @george_figueroa. Don’t miss the broadcast of the Radio Awards “TOMORROW BY @aztecauno”, Celebrity wrote on her Instagram page in which she posted some pictures where the happy couple can be seen.

The love of “Capy” Perez and his wife

The lovers were married in the church in the year 2018 after meeting on social networks and becoming boyfriends. It was the comedian who said in one of the morning broadcasts that he had met his wife on the Internet, and after talking for a while they first saw each other in a restaurant in Polanco. Mexico CityOr, but it was by chance. They are currently one of the strongest couples on the show, they are a fan of enjoying life, traveling and partying, something with which the two have bonded a lot and love to do.

“I was there with a friend, we were about to go to a Snoop Dogg concert and I saw him come. And I ask him ‘Is that the girl you’re messaging in any way?’ And he went with his mother”, described Carlos Alberto Pérez Ibarra, the real name of the famous.

They met through social networks. IG / Heloners

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