Photos | Chiquis Rivera captivates with an elegant leather look and shiny shoes

Chiquis Rivera The regional Mexican singer continues to add success to her career and this time she is in Las Vegas, where she takes advantage of the glamor of the place in a fabulous outfit. leather look that has become a favorite Fall Thanks to its versatility and the touch of sensuality that it brings to outfits, something that “cannot be missing” in the daughter ofband diva,

Lakeago, 37 yearsannounced with great emotion through her social networks that she has been nominated for the first time grammy americano By “Queen Bee”, It is in the Best Regional Mexican Record category, with other artists such as Christian Nodal, Marco Antonio Solís and Tejano competing for the award. northern tigeramong others.

While she shines in the industry that reminds her so much of her mother singer jenni riveraShe has also become a benchmark for fashion and style thanks to her looks, with which she inspires her more than 5 million followers on Instagram, where she shares a few organizations With which he ties in new trends and makes some of the past his own, it shows that when it comes to style you can to break the law.

For her most recent outfit, the “Entre Besos y Copas” interpreter wore a convenient Leather pants with a slight opening at the bottom, which she paired with a simple bodysuit and a leather jacket in the same tone. Y2K style Like her hairstyle with a girlie touch. She topped off with a sparkly bow to match her silver high top sneakers.

The Secret of Chiquis Rivera

daughter ofneighborhood butterfly is questioned about his secret sculpted figure, Well, since a few months she has stunned her fans with her transformation into a healthy look. Though she’s tried not to talk about it, she recently joked that the advice came from a younger boyfriend.

In meeting the media, she told that her boyfriend who is 7 years younger than him has managed to inspire her to improve her eating habits, although she hasn’t gone on a strict diet, she has decided to be more mindful of what she eats and moderate the dishes she indulges in can retrace your steps ideal weight.

In the past, she was criticized for sharing her weight loss secret on her social networks drink water with lemon Every morning; However, it is all because she decided to go to experts for the right diet for her and now spends more time on a strict exercise routine.

Although rumors are strong that she may have had a gastric sleeve performed like her sister in order to lose weight, the changes have been remarkable in a short amount of time. Despite this, he has not shied away from frequent criticism and as a representative of body positive Does not hesitate to send a clear message on social networks: “The most valuable accessory is Faith on self, There is always room for improvement, but accept you and love you The way you are makes you sexier than you think.”

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