PHOTOS: Ciné de Fecheres’ Vedet, who had the perfect silhouette and won with Juan Gabriel

within the time of files movies, Various personalities stood out because of their immense talent and ability to express emotions through acting, one of them was undoubtedly Rossi Mendoza, Which shone because of her immense talent, charisma and her stunning figure, which she made noticeable with her excellent technique as a dancer.

his real name andS. Maria del Rosario Mendoza, He was born on 6 June 1950 in Islán del Río, Nayarit State, but moved with his family to Ciudad Obregón, Sonora during his teen years, an institution in which he experienced his first approach to show business. The reason was because she became a presenter in the artistic tent belonging to Andrés Soler, one of the most recognized actors. The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema.

Rossi Mendoza won with his unparalleled talent. Photo: Special

It is noteworthy that in addition to being successful in the movie Files, Vedette won in sexy comedy, some of the most representative films in which Rossi took part were “Day of the Masons” and “Day of the Masons”. “California Dancing Club”. On the other hand, Maria del Rosario ventured into soap operas, this year in 1979 in the production of Yara, starring Angelica Maria, in addition to the fact that on the small screen she also participated in the famous program “Midnight Varieties”. Manuel “The Crazy” Valdes.

Rossi Mendoza worked with artists like Juan Gabriel

But that was not all, as she also dared to exploit her voice, for which she also worked in music, thus cementing herself as an actress, dancer and singer and being a 360 artist. He was invited. to work for a variety of projects with the most recognized personalities of the artistic industry in Mexico as they worked with German Valdes “Tin Tan” Gaspar Henine “Capulina”, Adalberto Martinez “Springs”, among others.

Rossi Mendoza was considered the star with the perfect silhouette. Photo: Special

Such was her talent and work activity that in addition to cabaret and cinema, the famous lady was hired by the Vallejo family to act Taj Caravan, Where he performed from 1971 to 1982, he stated that Caravan belonged to the Vallejo family and consisted of a group of entertainment stars who toured throughout the Republic, during which period Rossi worked with great personalities such as John Gabriel, Considered one of the greatest exponents in the history of music in Mexico.

Due to her outstanding career, Rossi Mendoza is still remembered and at the age of 77, she generates conversations on social networks, where it is ensured that she was the perfect body star.


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