PHOTOS: Danna Paola declares herself the queen of style with mini dresses and transparencies

Apart from being an extremely talented actress and singer, Danna Paola has also managed to make a mark on social media as a fashion icon and to prove it, all you have to do is check out her last post take a look at. his instagram profile where she looked prettier than usual using the Spectacular and revealing outfits with which she showed off her stylish figure is causing a stir among its nearly 35 million followers.

As mentioned earlier, this was through the application of the small camera where Danna Paola released a gallery of three photos to show off some of her stunning outfits Well, he explained that he had already had several weeks, so in order not to lose the habit, he gave a new fashion chair.

In its first publication, the interpreter of “Bad Fame” was a . appeared using Blue dress with black, which was Japanese style and very shortMoreover, the said garment was made of lycra, therefore, due to the properties of the said material, she was able to flaunt her stylish figure, furthermore, to complement her stunning ensemble, she used a pair of sunglasses .

Danna Paola has stolen everything from her pictures. Photo: IG: Dannapola

The second picture that Danna Paola shared caused the most stir among her Instagram followers because although her outfit could not be fully appreciated, it could be seen that it was a kind of completely transparent jumpsuit that only had some glitter that would be just for decoration because they didn’t cover anythingHowever, the former “Elite” actress didn’t teach too much at any point because she was using nipple covers that gave the illusion of being made with insulating tape, plus, she left her hair loose so she could herself. Cover a little ,

Danna Paola is a benchmark of current fashion. Photo: IG: Dannapola

eventually, danna paola showed off one of the outfits he used during his show and it was simply spectacular because it was fitted latex dress in blue, Which, in the upper part, appeared to be a corset, however, what caught the eye was a pair of shoes with which she complemented her outfit, as the said shoes were decorated in a “hippie” style and the upper The parts had their handles as if it were bags.

Danna Paola received dozens of compliments. Photo: IG: Dannapola

The publication of Danna Paola did not go unnoticed by millions of his followers and the proof of this is that within a few hours Her pictures managed to garner almost 400 thousand likesMoreover, this figure continues to grow, moreover, as expected, the compliments did not wait and dozens of people began to arrive.

“How Beautiful!”, “The Most Beautiful”, “A Whole Goddess”, “Every Day You Are More Beautiful”, “Just Divine” and “You Are a Dream” There were a few compliments that Danna Paola has received, who is currently focused entirely on her tour called “XT4s1s”With which he plans to give presentations across the length and breadth of the Mexican Republic.

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