Photos | Fabiola Campomones teaches almost too much with a daring white minidress

Fabiola Campomanes She set Instagram on fire this afternoon by publishing a series of photos, in which she showed off her stunning figure by modeling a white minidress with a plunging neckline, which, apart from helping elongate her figure, helped give her a unicolor look. helped. Touch.

In fact, the Mexican businesswoman is also a fashion expert, who has fashioned more than once with her daring outfits, with which she has made it clear that her sexuality has no limits and that, by the way, it has many aspects, which Not limited to minidresses and bikinis, she also explores the most covered-up outfits, but just as sensual, just like she showed during the promotion of “Diary of a Gigolo”.

only in this case, the model with which he captivated his followers is actually a white mini dressWhich has several details to highlight, including its plunging “V” neckline and some sexy side slits that help highlight the waist of the actress, who maintains an enviable figure well into her 50s.

With this pose, Fabiola Campomanes left little to the imagination

Although perhaps what caught the most attention was the pleated skirt underneath her outfit, which made her look a Bad move by Fabiola CampomanesBecause of the pose with which this photo was taken, it almost ends up teaching moreBecause his feet were extreme.

with shoes, Fabiola Campomanes She chose to wear bone-toned ankle boots that, although they continued the trend of neutral tones in her look, provided an interesting contrast that left her the hermetic white that dominated the rest of her outfit.

And despite the fact that the color of purity is a color that must be used judiciously, as it produces the visual effect that people are fuller than they really are, in the case of the cut of the dress chosen by the actress, it To be noted is that it is extremely flattering on her, which despite not being very tall, looks stylish by the design, which highlights her curves without losing sight of her silhouette.

The neckline of the Fabiola Campomanes dress helps elongate her neck

Finally, we can’t miss the details like the judicious jewelry chosen by campmones and the metal ring that adorns her neck line white mini dressWhich, without a doubt, is a basic thing that should not be missing in your wardrobe all year round, due to its versatility and the possibility of combining it with other clothes, such as jackets and maxi boots.

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