Photos | Julian Gil shows off Tania Rincón in intimate moments and excites the network

During the Qatar 2022 World Cup, drivers Julian Gil, Tanner Rincón and Valeria Marin were in charge of covering the said event, where all three of them have been involved in various funny, sad and tense situations.

In this sense, the famous Argentine conductor Julián Gil recently shared with Tania Rincón a moment, one of the most intimate in particular, in his daily life.

Julian Gill featured Rincon

It was on December 14 when the famous shared a compilation of moments spent next to the star of “Today”, where she was absolutely not conscious, because she was asleep.

According to the information provided by Gil, the television presenter enjoys this activity very much, which is why he decided to relax on the various trips he makes by land throughout Qatar.

In this regard, the well-known also already know that it works as a communicator and being able to share it while being consistent with the information you will see and can generate tension in the communicators at the moment, As with Tania Rincón, because the moment he could fall asleep, he decided not to waste it.

Julian Gill shared these moments with his colleague. credit: Instagram @juliangil

their moment in qatar

In the said photo, Rincon can be seen resting in a car on top of a pillow, while in others the driver is seen behind him.

And in the last picture you can see how the television host decided to rest his chin on his companion and colleague in the front seat.

Tania Rincon during Qatar 2022. Photo. Specific

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