Photos | Kate Del Castillo appears on the cover of a magazine and silences those who criticized her for her physique

few months ago, Kate Del Castillo was criticized for her physiqueThis is in response to a photo that Admari Lopez shared on her Instagram account on the sidelines of an event hosted by Telemundo, in which she posed next to The actress who gave life to Teresa MendozOne.

However, said picture did not do justice to the great Kate Del Castillo Beautywho also began to be compared to Rebecca Jones, which finally ended this afternoon, as a series of images were published in which Kate of the Castle affirms itself as one of most beautiful beach actresses,

Viral photos not only became a trend on social networks, but were also chosen as Magazine cover “Marie Claire Mexico”“, for whom, Kate of the Castle gave an interview about New installment of “Queen of the South”The series that owes its great success accumulates three seasons.

Kate del Castillo stuns everyone with her new photos

in pictures, Kate Del Castillo Shows Her Pride with a series of outfits in tomboy style, who blows it up Sexuality and masculinity for their looks,

Which, along with her hairstyle and makeup, allows viewers to observe the great beauty and potential of the Mexican actress, who struggles to convey her image in each of her roles. women empowerment,

With this outfit, Kate Del Castillo ranked herself as the most beautiful on Instagram

In fact, with the brand Kate of the Castle Decided to express the essence of their style is “Bulgari”, a firm of exquisite Italian jewelry with a variety of jewelry styles, allowing even the most daring women to be represented with their jewelry choices.

However, what is most important Photos of Kate Del Castillo This rejuvenates the look of his face, which has been with Telemundo viewers for three seasons of one of the television station’s most successful projects.

Do you like this Kate Del Castillo dress?

And the interesting thing is Style of “Queen of the South” find a similarity with Outfits by Kate Del CastilloJoe believes that one of the words that best defines him is “entrepreneurship”, a trait that has made him stand out in the world of entertainment that surrenders to his charm today.

well, even if Kate of the Castle She is never portrayed as a woman who uses a lot of makeup, she always knows how to convey a new image through her delicate makeup.

Kate del Castillo looked like a goddess in her last photoshoot

Thus demonstrating that the rule of “less is more” is a true weapon for Latino faces struggling to establish themselves in the international media today.

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