Photos: Maria Leone and Barbara de Regil show off their abs in bikinis. Who looks more athletic?

Although the quest for an athletic body arose in the middle of the last century, today the issue has been addressed thanks to the “competitions” offered by social networks, where people show off practically all their achievements. However, there are figures who took it another approach and want to inspire their followers (as good influencers) to move forward and stay healthy, apart from having a good physique; there are two obvious examples Maria leon You Wild Reslie K,

Anyone who knows these two celebrities knows full well that they are professionals in their respective fields, but there is something they totally agree with: exercise, Although many celebrities claim to hit the gym, both the ladies take it to the extreme to offer radical changes that everyone has a hard time achieving. One of the most complicated parts to achieve is the flat belly and both of which are practically made of steel.

Maria Leone wants to win “Look who dances all the stars” (Photo: IG @sargentoleon)

from your trenches, both mary leone as Reslie’s Barbara they offer their followers Some advice or motivational phrases to encourage them if they had a bad day or to get up from the chair, put on their tennis shoes and activate until they sweat a drop of fat. Like any expert in the field, both agree that persistence and doing things right is the way to go to the extent of showing off a great body like them.

Barbara de Regil visiting La Paz, BCS (Photo: Screenshot)

Maria Leone and Barbara de Regil boast a figure in a bikini

through your accounts instagramThe singer and actress has not hesitated to share her experience, professional and personal life. It is right after that where they usually show off their outfits and vacation getaways. If they go to the beach or a place that has a pool, they will never hesitate to take a picture showing their figure in a bikini; On this Wednesday, both of them posed for a picture in such a way that the mouth of their fans was left open.

Although the slim figure of the famous can be compared to the statue of the Greek goddess Aphrodite His marked belly stood out in both. It is logical that they have, because mary leone is an expert in pole dance And now she’s dancing on the reality show “Look Who’s Dancing All the Stars”whereas Reslie’s Barbara (“Rosario Tijeras”) is a Personal trainer One who gives no rest, not even his wife fernando schoenwald nor his daughter mar de regilo Who is also the owner of impressive physique.

Former lead singer of Playa Limbo there was a breaky After stunning everyone with her dance number in the above show. Although she was talking about her rehearsals and going to the gym, she now heads out to sunbathe in a green olive green outfit with white details. “Before rehearsal vs after Madriza!”, he wrote in the publication where in the second photo he appears in front of a giant cake as if he was about to eat it.

Maria Leone has well earned “sweet” (Photo: IG @sargentoleon)

for its part, Reslie’s Barbara For work reasons, he visited La Paz, Baja California Sur, where he took advantage of his ocean to pose in front of the camera and, of course, amaze everyone with his chiseled figure, in addition to boosting his protein. given, which was a long time ago. storm.

Barbara de Regil is a guru in the fitness world (Photo: IG @barbaraderegil)

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