PHOTOS: Maribel Guardia shows off all her beauty with a pretty blue miniskirt and blazer

Maribel del Rosio Fernández García, commonly known as maribel guardia, is a singer, host and actress who stands out for her elegance and charisma. In turn, she has one of the darkest personalities on the show, as at 63 she boasts of a stunning body on the network, where thousands of followers praise her for her appearance.

Maribel poses in a beautiful blue dress

Recently in a post on my account instagram, the famous Costa Rica native dazzled in all her beauty with a pretty blue miniskirt and blazer of the same tone, as she received all kinds of praise on social networks. “Bella”, Diosa “and” I never get tired of admiring your beauty ” were some of the comments from Internet users.

“Don’t worry, life is choreography and making mistakes is part of it,” wrote the actress in her publication, which has already received over 12 thousand likes and dozens of comments. In return, he invites his followers to participate in the play “Lagunilla mi barrio”, where he appears with actresses Violet Isfel and Alma Cerro.

Maribel looks very beautiful even at the age of 63. (credit: Instagram / @maribelguardia)

Halloween Con Maribel Guardia

On the other hand, the actress of soap operas such as “Albertano Contra los Mostros” and “Una Familia con Feliz” published a video in which she appears with a couple of spiders on her face, very scared, wishing to be happy. does Halloween to his fans. “Come see Lagunilla Mi Barrio. They are afraid of spiders,” said the driver.

Meanwhile, her fans were very excited to see her, as many people questioned the actress how to buy tickets to participate in her new drama. “God first, if all goes well in a few days, I’ll go see you” and “Bella, we want to meet you, I’ll send you a message, I hope you can see it,” were responses from some internet. of users.

Mariel against spiders. (credit: Instagram / @maribelguardia)

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