Photos | Next child star? This is what the son of Galilea Montijo and Fernando Reina looks like

Popular host Galilea Montijo has become One of the most important figures of Mexican show business, Since his participation in several magazine programs has positioned Galilea as a a strong female symbol on national television.

The Mexican constantly surprises his fans through publications his official instagrama social network where it has a strong presence, as it has almost 10 million followerswho respond positively to each photo of the popular host.

Thanks to his social networks, many fans of the driver have been able to learn a little more about his personal life. galilee montejowho constantly Share the moment with your friends and family via Instagram, in addition to performing He feels great affection for his son, Matteo.

Galilea Montijo constantly feels affection for her son Matteo
credit: IG @galileamontijo

Mateo an upcoming child star?

Apart from proving to be an excellent driver, Galilea Montijo is also a wonderful mother, so what’s the relationship with you his son Matthew It’s close enough that, as his Instagram post suggests, Mateo is currently 10 years old and is the fruit of the love that the driver bears with him. Ferdinand Queen

Galilea Montijo has been proud of her son’s adventures and hobbies on many occasionsWell, from time to time she shares videos of her skating with her son or being amazed at the little one’s courage, as a few months ago she published a clip of the little boy diving “ravine“in Acapulco

Galilea Montijo has been proud of her son’s adventures and hobbies on many occasions
credit: IG @galileamontijo

Nanhe has shown a lot of charisma and talent in front of the camerasWell, besides always being in a good mood every now and then, his mother recorded him for little videos on social networks, Matteo has been a guest at some of the events in which Galilea Montijo has participated.

young at a young age Mateo charmed the audience of the program “Hoy” Participating in a dynamic where one of the invited actors was Octavio Ocaña, Galilea Montijo’s son practically overshadowed the neighboring actor and stole the hearts of the audience.

Mateo attracted the audience of the program “Hoy” to participate in a dynamic where one of the invited actors was Octavio Ocaña.
credit: IG @galileamontijo

at age 10 Mateo is still a child And she has a whole childhood to live, which is why His mother prefers to keep him away from social media and “public” lifeHowever, each of Mateo’s appearances on social networks or on television has been extremely popular.

The boy’s parents have not expressed whether they want their son to become an actor. Although the success of the little one is practically ensured thanks to his charisma and the talent that he certainly inherited from his mother.

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