Photos: OXO cashier paralyzes the network with a tight jumper with a daring neckline

months pass and Oxo Cashier, Alex Silva or Lupita Cano, continues to be successful, Now, after her video went viral and she was even interviewed in a national media, she managed to get a coffee brand to contact her and bring something to her most loyal fandom living in the city of Cadereta in the state of Nuevo. Announced promotions. Lion. Those who follow him take advantage of Alex’s stories to drink delicious coffee. Thanks to this fame, we can see more pictures of her Excellent modeling of clothing such as a tight royal blue jumper with a daring low-cut back.

In the photo of his Instagram profile we see Lupita Cano (Oxxo Cashier) Wears a Blue-Toned Garment That’s Amazing, you can see her perfect back and every line that defines her as a beautiful model. Furthermore it can be seen her long, slim legs and a bob cutWhich was in fashion a few months ago, but it looks amazing on her.

Alex likes blue colour. Photo: @lupissilvacano

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Alex Silva (Lupita Cano) Is The Most Beautiful Cashier At An Oxo

Thanks to the fame you have achieved on social networks thanks to your viral videos TikTok from his workplace, an Oxxo store in the municipality of Caderyta, Nuevo LeónAlex appeared on two national television networks telling his magical story, and with that his fame grew to a new high. There are about one lakh followers on Tiktok And reach 80 thousand fans on Instagram.

Alex is famous on Tiktok. Photo: @lupissilvacano

Thanks to Alex Silva’s profile on the social network Instagram, we were able to discover his platform as a model., The pretty girl shines in dozens of photographs in amazing settings such as forests or very urban locations for the lenses of the photographers who help to mix the clothes that Alex likes to wear every day. From dresses, skirts to classic jeans, beautiful influencers managed to win hearts million followers,

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