Photos that show Cesar Costa has aged like the best wines

Many would like to discover the formula that makes some celebrities age and look fabulous compared to other celebrities who rapidly deteriorate, which has attracted the attention of outsiders and strangers to see how it looks. Cesar Costa, which came again for a magazine and now they call it New Maribel Guardia For Sundar and the way he looks his age.

Definitely, 63 year old actress It has become a revelation in the world of entertainment in Mexico, dressed in heart-stopping outfits; However, today, César Costa is one of those personalities, the way the actor saw himself.

Papa Soltero was one of the best programs on Mexican television photo: IG @nostalgiamexico

The television presenter and comedian also became a favorite of the public, unlike his peers who shared the stage with singers such as Alberto Vasquez, Angelica Maria, Enrique Guzmán, among others. It should be remembered that “the hero ofunmarried fatherHe shunned controversy, always giving to his audience, who also stood out for being a philanthropist, especially in favor of children.

cesar costa better than ever

after his recent interview for the magazine face’s MexicoCésar Costa has remained active during his 54-year career, which has made him a trend everywhere, as he has shown his impeccable appearance, as if life had rewarded him for the simple fact of breathing, a condition that Have inspired many youngsters to follow life away from evils, lead a healthy life to reach the age of actor and look like one sugar daddy

The actor was in several films Photo: Special Fernanda Roel / CarsMexico

80 is the new 20

actor with whom she shared the spotlight Javier López “Chabelo”“, established herself as one of the greatest exponents of rock and roll in the Spanish and film industry, of which, in her career, she reached its peak single father“, which will remain in the memory of the public for many years.

Similarly, the actor revealed that he does not feel weighed down at the age of 80 and considers himself a student of life, who still has energy to spare and above all, his health intact.

Cesar Costa supports children Photo: IG @cesarcostaof

During the interview, Costa stated that feel young and that luckily is in good health; “If you ask me how old I am, I would say timeless, because I still have many hopes, many dreams and I feel very productive with life,” he said.

million dollar question

Ever since, many have wondered how many sweaters the actor has in his wardrobe, and this data has finally come to the fore; 80-year-old singer admits to having overdosed thousand 500 sweater, since this garment became a symbol. Furthermore, Cesar Costa also revealed that he donated many of these iconic garments to charity auctions, although he still has some.

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