PHOTOS: Vanessa Claudio gives style classes with the perfect outfit to frame your silhouette and be the sexiest at a party

The time of year is approaching when meetings and parties kick off, so if you want to look like a beauty queen at these events, it’s important that you start considering your outfit choices that will accentuate your curves. In addition to helping you stand out, they can help you define your silhouette. An example of this is one of the final costumes with which Vanessa Claudio was clear in social networks.

this dress consists of a simple black dress With a horizontal white stripe located from the chest to the end of the garment, which helps to produce a very attractive optical effect to the line, as it simulates a shadow on the abdomen that outlines the waist, making it Looks narrow.

Therefore, no matter how you stand, you will always look stylish, especially if you choose an outfit that is exactly like that. former beauty queen Have long sleeves, as this will help them look slimmer too, just in case you choose darker colors as seen in the picture.

Vanessa Claudio set the network on fire with this impressive dress

As part of its baggage, Vanessa Claudio She chose to wear sexy double black earrings, which stood out from her brown locks, which characterized her look for much of this 2022, a year in which we have seen her experiment with a variety of outfits, Which is in the form of more daring. That he wore the simplest in “La Accademia” as he captured in “El Extremo”.

As far as her footwear is concerned, the pretty Puerto Rican used sandals with very thin straps that helped elongate her figure, an issue that helped accentuate her figure even more, making her ensemble Transformed her into a sensual bang that left the audience mesmerized.

like hair, Vanessa Claudio She wore clear waves which helped to give her a sensual touch, which is ideal for a night party or a meeting where you want to show off with your friends, partner or family.

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