Plant machete: the deadliest flower pot that can be controlled with a knife half a meter from its ‘brain’

David Bowen, artist and designer, wanted to give a plant the power to wield a weapon so that it could control it with its ‘brain’ thanks to a robotic arm. his work ‘Plant Machete’ It invites you to imagine a world where robots and plants become a deadly weapon to worry about, but how did Bowen get the plant to move the machete?

On his Instagram account, the artist explains that “the plant machete has a control system that Read and use electrical signals Which are found in a Philodendron plant. This system consists of a microcontroller that connects to the plant and reads the variable resistance data in its leaves.

Through the data collected, the robot uses personalized software that, in real time, translates the signals of the living person into the motion of the arm that is carrying the machete. Although the plant is not aware, its signals connect the robot move, bite or hit.

It does not collect information.

The video uploaded by the artist has garnered 340 ‘likes’ on Instagram. Furthermore, a user on Twitter calling himself Canneo shared it on that social network and it has already garnered over 50,000 views and 3,600 ‘Favs’.

Some users scoff at the idea of ​​a plant fighting mache, such as @natesnake00: “Everyone stands back and watches me lose a sword fight with this houseplant.” Others refer to the movie ‘The Happening’, in which plants attacked humans.

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