Platnito jokes about the murder of Debanhi, the audience remained silent

This is not the first time plateanito Integrating it into his show takes on a sensitive subject, as he joked about the tragedy of the ABC nursery a few years ago, which received much criticism and complaints from public opinion and affected families, however. clown The Mexicans Did It Again But, This Time, They Made a Joke About It The murder of Debhani Escobar,

Sergio Alejandro Verduzco Rubera, aka “Platanito”, is a 50-year-old comedian who, as a child, played a clown, over the years he made the Joker as we know him, because he wasn’t always More inclined to present “high on everything” jokes, a few decades ago she even worked to encourage children, until one day, she gave up her makeup for an adult show and thus, the character she is today. It is presented that he was born.

Platanito has been a part of various television programs throughout his career, becoming one of the most famous clowns in our country, however, controversy has accompanied him over the years due to the few jokes that have become public, involving tragedies. . The Mexican population across the country has disappointed.

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What happened at ABC Nursery in June 2009 left 49 minors dead and 106 others injured and injured. Six years later, Platnito cracked the joke:

“Do you know what caused Michael Jackson to die? In desperation, because he burned down a nursery in Sonora,” the joke began, with Platanito ending with the phrase: “Don’t make fun of the pastor.” ‘Poor kids, don’t make fun of it, plus there’s no nursery anymore, they opened a Changarito called Kentucky Fried Children”.

At the time, the Mexican clown was heavily criticized for mocking a national tragedy. However, seven years after that incident, Platanito again made a joke concerning a sensitive subject. On this occasion, the comedian decided to make a joke, referring to the murder of Debhani Escobar, who died in April this year.

“One, two, three for the debanhi, which is in the pool,” said Verduzco Rubera, in his character as Platnito, during a presentation.

According to a video shared by a TikTok user present in Platnito’s presentation, he and the people present remained silent after the comedian’s comment, however, he continued to joke.

“Where was she from… from Monterrey… and how did she die?… Drowned, in Monterey where there is no water.”

Among the comments that have circulated on the social network, there are those who disapprove of his behavior, recall the episode in which he joked about the tragedy of the ABC nursery, and there are those who suggest that Platnito Joe What he was looking for was to criticize the Monterey government and its management. Present.

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