Police in Spain are testing a new facial recognition system

With the exception of the Ertzaintza, security forces and bodies of the Spanish State have begun to apply a facial recognition system. The technology will make it possible to biometrically identify suspects in less than a minute, but it’s still a few months away before we see it in action.

Specifically, the system they are implementing is an ABIS (‘Automated Biometric Identification System’), developed by French technology company Thales. They use an algorithm called Cogent that works Passenger boarding control, forensic investigation, identity verification by video and sending alerts in real timeamong other things.

Thales details that the Cogent captures 5 to 50 frames per second at resolutions between 720p and 4K. With this technology, the Ministry of the Interior tells El País that they hope to introduce Faces of nearly half a million prisoners and suspects on file To make it easier to locate them from the database.

Sources in the Ministry of Home Affairs tell that this process will be “less invasive than DNA and fingerprints” Currently used to identify criminals. Through facial recognition, the police will be able to do their job without having to make physical contact with the subjects.

The facial recognition system is part of the European project Prüm II, which aims to modernize police procedures. Therefore, it complies with EU laws that prohibit the use of this technology in public areas. the pros make sure They would only use the system in serious crimes and that they will not collect civilian data or data on people who have committed minor crimes.

The device has a range of 35 km, is powered by electricity, has a top speed of 130 kmph and uses 5G and LTE connectivity.

Thanks to Prüm II with an initial budget of around 93 million euros, Spanish police database will be linked to equivalent systems in the rest of Europe and previous identification systems (for example Eurodac or EU-LISA).

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