Police warn of a new scam: they call you and your bank name appears on your mobile

The National Police has alerted about the existence of dozens of cases through its Twitter account spoofing, This type of scam involves a number of techniques that are used by cyber criminals. impersonation of any institution, company or person To obtain personal information from its victims over the Internet.

In this case, computer attackers call the users they want to defraud mobile by posing as a bank. The name of your bank appears on the phone screen to convince victims that it is a real company. Some credit institutions, such as Banco Santander, recommend “Beware of any calls expected by the bank”.

In general, we are more used to seeing these scams by SMS or email. However, when done over the phone, especially if Company name is written on the screenThis can be more believable to the victim and they may eventually give up their financial information.

The excuse they usually give on the other side of the phone is that there’s a new financial productthat someone did an income that has been withheld in error or with the promise that it exists Option to get more performance from your savings, Since it is a phone call, users do not have time to think and give their bank card details.

Stolen information can be used by cyber criminals to make transfers, collect fees, request loans or impersonate our identity.

One of the results is the transmission of live images.

“Banks will never ask their customers to provide electronic banking credentials or any other information through any medium like SMS, phone call, email… Card number, expiry date and three control digits are required to make online purchases“, they explain at Banco Santander.

If you have already given your data in the call and because of this post you realized the scam, call your bank as soon as possible To prevent attackers from taking money. you should also contact the authorities Provide more evidence so they are aware and can warn of more cases spoofing for other users.

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