Poolside: Karol G melts the network by turning his back to the camera

Karol G is the stage name of singer Carolina Giraldo, who has terminated her “Strip Love Tour” She’s dedicated to turning the network on with her sculpted body with a series of photos featuring her pink look on her Instagram profile. There was no shortage of messages of approval in his comments.

in all images, colombian women, wears pants and a pink bag and fairly large flower-shaped earrings. One of the images was of a white flower that she is holding in her hands and showing off her impeccable manicure. But the image that caught the public’s attention the most was the third one, a photo in which his pants are a little lower, his jacket is pulled up, and he shows his underwear, which also follows a range of colors. This turned the look into a monochrome look. Finally, he crowned publication with several emoticons in the caption following the color of her clothes.

Among the comments of support for Anuel AA’s ex-partner, it read: “You look like a bombon of super powerful girls”, “The most beautiful of the whole county !!!” ,

Karol G. Al Sol. Source: Instagram @karolg

Karol ji He finished his tour in early November and left a message in a collection of pictures that made it clear that he had fulfilled a dream. “The energy I felt everywhere I was was immense, beautiful and super powerful. I can say that everyone who relived the experience every night left with a full, satisfied, happy and inspired heart including mine!” were one of the lines in the post.

Carol ji on his back. Source: Instagram @karolg

The singer confirmed that the ‘Strip Love Tour’ will not continue in 2023, but does not rule out a new tour for next year, completely renewed and featuring her latest hits.

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