Poor Angelique Boyer. Sebastian Rulli’s ex-boyfriend made an admission that damaged his image

angelique boyer

Actress Cecilia Galliano, Sebastian Rulli’s ex and mother of his son, confessed an intimate detail about Sebastian, the one that leaves him in a very bad light and that is that as everyone believes, Rulli “didn’t make the grades”. made” and he would not be the best bed partner the Argentine would have had.

Without hesitation, the title was bestowed upon him by none other than Mark Tatcher, star of “La Hija del Mariachi”. This is how he confessed during an interview with “La Venenosa” Carolina Sandoval because Venezuela asked him: is it true that you said that Mark Tatcher was your best boyfriend? He replied with a resounding yes and a laugh.

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While in an interview for “Suelta la Sopa” Cecilia assures that when she sees Marc “everything gets upset”, indicating that the actor has very good memories, of what happens with Ruly. Quite the contrary, because he doesn’t even remember her smell, despite the fact that they spent almost 10 years together.

Sebastian Rulli leaves no impression on his ex

“La Venomosa” asked her what Sebastian Rulli smelled like and she laughed and replied that she didn’t remember anymore, apparently she doesn’t even have good memories; But the one who has it is Mark Tatcher as he doesn’t even remember Angelique Boyer’s boyfriend anymore.

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