Pornhub tests a chatbot that keeps people off child sexual content and redirects them to a helpdesk

There are thousands of photos and videos of child sexual abuse on the Internet which are hosted on social networks, forums dark web and porn pages.

In order to prevent more users from consuming this type of content, Pornhub has created a tool to circumvent such searches, in particular, this is about A chatbot that intercepts search attempts And ask users if they need help with the type of behavior they display. Also, during the first 30 days after the test, The chatbot was activated 173,904 times,

The chatbot appears when someone searches on Pornhub for any of the 28,000 words that pertain to child pornography. Designed by the Lucifaithful Foundation in conjunction with the Internet Watch Foundation, it asks a series of pop-up questions and Explains to people that such searches may be illegal.

The purpose of this tool is to obstruct anyone searching for child sexual abuse material. Wired notes that “after the chatbot appeared more than 170,000 times in March, 159 people clicked on the helpline website,

Pornhub has a checkered reputation for moderating the videos on its website, however, they have volunteered to participate, as a system. Will be on UK website next year,

Algorithmic and manual filtering with staff works to remove this content.

Wired states that “the Lucifaithful Foundation and the Internet Watch Foundation emphasize that They don’t see it as the only way to escape People look for child sexual abuse material online” because there are other places they would look for such material.

Regardless of the search terms, if the system is successful, the tool may Apply to other websites or online services.

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