“Precious!”: Chiquis Rivera melts nets by sunbathing in an orange swimsuit

Chiquis Riviera Has won the hearts of the public with his talent, friendliness and friendliness on stage comprehensive beauty Who doesn’t hesitate to show off with elegant and fun outfits that have set a benchmark for them fashion and style For all occasions, like this time when she posed for a color photo by the pool swimwear.

late singer’s daughter Jenny Rivera Celebrated the Boss’ International Day with a moment of relaxation where he took the opportunity to delight the disciple of his over 5 million followers on Instagram, by using full bathing suit The perfect orange color to attract attention and enjoy the last rays of the sun before the arrival of low temperatures.

Chiquis Rivera in an orange swimsuit. Photo: IG @chiquis

“They say: ‘Thick thighs save lives’ and I agree! No filters, no Facetune, only Jenny!”, is the message with which the singer shared a picture of herself wearing a sunbath to match her look. She is seen wearing her glasses while the heart-stopping legs showered her with compliments.

“What a sexy friend”, “Pretty girl, I love you”, “Goddess”, “Beautiful, I compare you to Cleopatra”There were some comments that accompanied the picture with some emojis of hearts and almost 100 thousand responses Just a few hours after posting the photo.

Chiquis Rivera responds to criticism

The interpreter of “Queen Bee” joins celebrities who fight against “body shaming” on social networks, as she has been criticized for her physique since the beginning of her career, so she tries to raise her voice and Don’t hesitate to answer. Tremendous message with which he begs to stop.

“No. I’m not the skinny woman that maybe “something” might want to see walking the red carpet in a tight dress, but the woman I am is a woman not afraid of challengesTo take a risk and try something different, out of the ordinary…” wrote the artist on his Twitter account.

Jenny Marin Rivera, as the singer’s real name is, has recently surprised her fans with her physical transformation due to her skinny appearance, and although she hasn’t revealed details about it yet, the “Chamonic” influencer revealed that Chiquis is what he would have performed on his gastric sleeve to lose weight, a process that he complements with a healthy diet and exercise.

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