Prince Andrew’s notoriety has been fueled by the backing of convicted Ghislaine Maxwell

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Prince Andrew just got a bucket of cold water once convicted Ghislaine Maxwellwhose relation is from Jeffrey Epstein She was sentenced to 20 years for sex trafficking and whose friendship the Duke disapproved of, calling her a “dear friend” in interviews exclusively published by the British newspaper The Sun.

Maxwell, 60, further argued that Andrew and . picture of Virginia Giuffre this is wrong. Even then, Friends of the prince, quoted by the British newspaper, agree that receiving such support is “like a hole in the head”.

One said that the Duke, whom queen isabelle Withdrawn military distinction after the scandal with Giuffre airing his association with Epstein was trying to rebuild his life, so he needed to stay out of the spotlight.

So “getting words of support from a convicted sex trafficker isn’t very helpful,” he said.

Maxwell, who was convicted of buying young women for pedophile tycoons, said in interviews to Jeffrey Epstein, a friend of Andrews, that she felt bad for the prince. “He is paying such a high price for the association. I consider him a dear friend. I worry about him.”

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